Brand New Cuff Bracelets

Posted by Erin Bullock on

Gorgeous new things have been happening at! I have three brand new cuff bracelets listed and ready for gift giving - whether that gift is for someone special or a treat for yourself!

First up - Royston turquoise cuff. I have a real thing for Royston turquoise - it's one of my favorites, and beautiful specimens are getting harder to find.

That stone is absolutely amazing, and I adore that patterned wire used for the cuff. This stone even has hints of that deep Army green that are so characteristic of this type of turquoise.

Next up is a fabulously beautiful ocean jasper piece - I love this type of jasper, because the colors and patterns are always so different. This cabochon has a lot of orbs on a dark green background. The stone has a lot going on, so I tried to keep the bracelet a little more simple.

Labradorite, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. There are too many ways with this versatile and spectacular stone. This labradorite is a modern style cut and has all the colors you can get in a labradorite - green, gold, blue, and purple. Throw a little red in there, and we'd have a Karma chameleon going on. :D

Where was I?

Get yourself into my shop and look around - I have enough cuffs to start a serious arm party. Enjoy, ladies!

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